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Zanzibar - Truly Exotic

02 April 2013

Zanzibar - Also known as Unguja - The Spice Island...

Zanzibar is an exotic island paradise comprising of miles of endless powder-white palm-fringed beaches.  The island is located a mere 40kilometers off the coast of Tanzania and measures 85kilometers in length and 30kilometers in width. 

The island is still very uncommercialized and if you are up for a break from the ordinary and in need of an escape from your daily chaotic lifestyle - Zanzibar is the island to escape to. 
Most resorts are located just off the stunning beach front and presents magnificent views over the Indian Ocean, while offering rustic charm and warm hospitality. 

Due to its close proximity to the equator, weather conditions are favourable almost all year round with warm to hot climate conditions.  It is advisable to avoid Zanzibar during the months of April - June, due to this being the monsoon period where the long rains fall. 

South-African passport holders require a visa for entry, which can be obtained upon your arrival at 50US$, as well as yellow-fever innoculations 10 days prior to departure from South-Africa.  Zanzibar is also a Malaria risk zone, thereofre Malaria precautions are highly recommended. 

Stone Town is the capital town of Zanzibar and is one of the only ancient cities functioning in East Africa and therefore a great attraction.  Stone Town is famous for its large doors and  they are called "Zanzibar doors."

There are a lot of activities to indulge in on your visit to Zanzibar - from an unforgettable experience of swimming with the Dolphins in the south, to visiting the famous indigenous Jozani Forest - home to the endangered Colubus monkey.  Be it diving the stunning reefs to discover the magnificent underwater world this island hides in the depths of its ocean, or snorkelling the stunning shallow reefs...Why not visit the spice and tea plantations or the ancient Stone Town for an interesting experience on the local life and culture of Zanzibar. 

If you are in need of an unforgettable island break-away, you cannot go wrong with this magnificent island - Zanzibar.

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