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Seychelles – Island Hopping

02 April 2013

People travel to the Seychelles for many reasons, but mostly for its unique and extraordinary natural beauty, its pristine beaches and its exotic plant and animal life that is nowhere else to be found on earth.

Praslin Isand from above on inter-island transfer - Praslin/Mahe:

This destination really offers a limitless amount of activities and sights for tourists to discover and experience.

One of the most exciting experiences in the Seychelles, which is a must, if you really want to experience more than just the island your hotel is located upon – is island hopping. The reason why this is such an amazing experience, is that each of the islands in the Seychelles have their own distinctive “personality” and characteristics.

The inner islands of the Seychelles are very easily accessible by boat/ferry and one can easily do an island hopping expedition between Mahe (main island), Praslin and La Digue in one day, while engaging in some exciting sight seeing or activities on each of these islands. Planning is vital to ensure you work on a schedule with the ferries / transfer flights and that you have enough time on each island.

A great way to also experience the Seychelles from a different angle is to take one of your island hopping transfers with the flight between Praslin and Mahe to experience the Seychelles from the air. This is truly a magnificent experience.

Below are some of the most popular islands and a short description on what each can offer:

Mahe – Vibrant, lots of activities, markets, Botanical Gardens with giant land tortoises, Capital City - Victoria and the famous clock tower, experience the culture, see craft, fine art painters, woodworkers and sculptors at work.

Praslin Island (1 hour from Mahe by boat or 15 minutes by air) - Home to the famous Vallee Mai & Coco de Mer Palm (the double coconut seed of the female tree (which is the largest seed in the world) has the shape of a female pelvis. The leaves are also the largest in the world and can reach up to 6 metres in length), the rare black parrot (Seychelles national bird and only about 120 left in the world) and two other very rare bird species, the bulbul and the fruit pigeon. Praslin is also famous for its pink granite.

La Digue - A picturesque island famous for its fragrant vanilla & wild flowers. A haven for bird-lovers. It is the habitat of 2 of the world's rarest birds, the Seychelles magpie robin & the Seychelles black paradise flycatcher. La Digue boasts some spectacular granite formations. You can visit the copra factory at the old vanilla and cinnamon plantation, L'Union.

Bird Island – about a 1.5 km off Praslin’s coast - Bird & wildlife sanctuary.

Denis Island - A tropical sand & coral island with stunning beaches.
Desroches Island - Romantic solitude with superb diving and fishing.

The island of Aride, considered to be the Seychelles' finest nature reserve, is owned and managed by the Royal Society for Nature Conservation. It is the only place in the world where the bois citron (Wright's gardenia) grows. Treat yourself - visit this true island Paradise.

Round Island, the most famous of the several islands within the waters of the St Anne Marine National Park. In this protected area, which lays just a short boat ride from Victoria, you will be introduced to a variety of the Park's sensational sea life through the windows of a semi-submersible vessel.

Round Island is approximately 2 hectares in size & can easily be explored on foot in under 15 minutes. The small chapel on the island is now the Restaurant Chez Gabby, where tuna steak, something the island is famous for worldwide, is marinated in special secret sauces before being cooked on an open grill.

There are so many other islands to discover in the Seychelles, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Do yourself a favour and start planning your next Seychelles holiday today – and make sure you include an exciting island hopping expedition into your itinerary for the time of your life!

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