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Indian Ocean Islands - Amazing Destinations

02 April 2013

The Indian Ocean Islands are some of the most amazing family, couple and honeymoon destinations in the world. You might ask the question, but why do people flock to these destinations in enormous numbers on an on-going basis – from all over the world, but especially from South-Africa?

The first point to consider is that all these islands have qualities and is beautiful in their own right, differing from the next, but offering its own exceptional qualities to its visitors.

The most popular islands include Mauritius, Zanzibar, the Seychelles and the Maldives islands.

Not only does each of these islands offer a magnificent island experience, they are all surrounded by coral reefs, which in turn ensure crystal clear, calm lagoons surrounding the land with idyllic sandy beaches. These coral reefs guarantee an excellent variety of ocean life in an underwater paradise and pose as strong magnets for divers and even snorkelers.

Each island’s beauty is exceptional in its own right. Not only can you combine a lovely beach holiday or honeymoon on an island, but also experience nature in its truest, cleanest manifestation. These destinations are also very safe to travel to and tourists are well looked after.

Most of these islands are quite accessible and flights range from daily flights to selected islands to twice weekly to others.

Honeymooners and couples are in for the time of their life. These tropical islands are some of the most romantic retreats in the world. Think about romantic dinners on the beach, or candlelight dinner in a quiet restaurant corner, lazing around on the perfect palm fringed beach or enjoying the calm clear waters.

Another point which makes these destinations so attractive is the vast array of sport and leisure activities or excursions which awaits visitors. The list is endless and the resorts typically include a variety of activities which are free of charge to its guests.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg, but to appreciate every aspect these stunning islands have to offer, you might just want to board that plane and make the experience yours. So next time you wonder upon a perfect getaway for your family, or be it a romantic treat for that special someone, or a celebration of love on your honeymoon, think Indian Ocean Islands…

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